Khamis, 16 Disember 2010

to ALL G U Y : )

This is just my opinion la kan... :) i was thinking that if a guy hurt me, tak ksah la dye uat ape pong, lying ke coming up late ke, didn't call me ke..all of this i can forgive as long as the guy apologize to me in appropriate way la kan..hehe..bagi coklat ke, ala call apologize ckp sweet ke da la .. :) i think in the beginning of the relationship is very important to know if the guy is really suits with me.. but sometime guy only show effort in the beginning but later, hmm only gurl are doing effort to continue the relationship..haha..mayb i had a different experience.. :p
but it is okie, im looking 4ward to know who is going to be my future bf..but not in this nearer time..because i don't think i can accept a new guy right now.. :) huhu..  

It is okay to hurt me sometime,
but it is not okay if u ignore it......

but if u unfaithful then GOODBYE 4ever.. :)

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