Rabu, 15 Jun 2011

this feeling :(

Tak bole tdo.. y? i dont really know.. huhu.. but this is something that i can be sure. One of the reason is that i don't know what to expect in my relationship.. i put so much in it. i dont know what will happen in it in a long time. will i have my happy ending? i really dont know.. this is so much to handle.. why i have to think all of this.. cant i just enjoy the moment. sometime i really dont like the way i was born with. to much thinking. i will freak out over a simple thing that sometime i dont even have to think about it. i dont know how to handle with this feeling. i dont know who to refer to give an answer that can satisfied me. this is really frustrating. :( it really bothering me. hmm, i want to ask him the truth what he has on his mind about this relationship but im too shy to just shout the questions.. taknak la cm aku je yang teburu buru.. aku bukan nk smthing lam mase tdekat ni aku just nk smthng yg bole uat aku rase selesa ngan bnde ni n yakin. k, la. da lwat. out. just nk cte kat someone n this is how my way to express it. huhu.