Rabu, 15 Disember 2010

Interview L A G I : (

On this monday i have to attend one more interview after my failure to do the interview that i have been told in this blog ...y? hehe..because i don't want to work until 2 am.. because i don't have any transport..n if i have my own transport then there shouldn't be any prob... i don't really care the working hours after all, i don't really need the time right now because i just want to work work work n have a blast salary :P hehe..isn't that what everyone looking 4 rite.. :)

msti korank tertanya tanya poyo je dak ni nk tulis lam bi la knon..bukan cm tu taw..the reason im writing in english because the interview that i want to attend this monday, will require me to speak only in english, n i must be fluent! huhu... cm ne ni ek..aku ni mampu ke.. adugai :(

i really hop 4 da bez...because lately i haven't have the best luck in me or my life and my carrier ..its so frustrating u know, to go to an interview and knowing that u didn't make it..huhu..

YA ALLAH, berkati la aku...

2 ulasan:

  1. babe.. saba ye.. :) nak wt camne.. da tak pat keje..huhu

  2. Hehe, bek la aku saba, t lau ade intebiu pape impom aku taw :D